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This is my last weight lose program because I WILL be successful this time.

Hi, my name is Edna and I live in sunny Florida. I can't stand cold so this is a good match for me. I have been heavy since in my late 20's and it has been a constant battle of the bulge ever since. I have four children (Shirley 48, Bill 44, Jim 42 and Nancy 31) and 6 grandchildren. I lost within 3 pounds of all my gains during pregnancy before leaving the hospital, so I can't blame pregnancy on my weight. I can kinda blame it on toddlers and working full time. *grin* I never ate regular meals and was always eating on the run, except for the evening meal which I call supper (so many call it dinner but to me that is the noon meal!) This was a family event, quality time where we shared our day. I have been a diabetic, since my youngest daughter was born and that even makes it more difficult to loose weight. I am also disabled (arthritis and fibromyalgia - PAIN) and can not walk or run a lot. (I used to walk 3 miles a day and ride my bicycle 10 miles a day, so the lack of exercise really affected me.

I have been on at least 1000 diets and have lost way over 1000 pounds and always gain it all back, plus more. This is why I have to go on a woe and wol. (way of eating and way of living) that I can stick too. I like to think of it as healthy eating, not a diet.

I am also finding ways that I can increase my mobility, my caloric requirements are really low so I have to increase my exercise. Duh

With the support of my fellow Century Club Members, I know that this time will be a huge success and I will NEVER gain it back.

Stats: 265/261/165
Start Date: 1/1/2008


Edna 1-13-08 261 Pounds


Edna 1-13-08 261 pounds


If you look beside the car in front of my house, there is my Now picture taken by my DH LOL That is why I had my neighbor in the flea market take some today.

Edna Mae Shukis Webmistress 2008